Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bettie Page Was Jenny in the Rocketeer . . .

In the comic book she was 'Betty', in the movie she was 'Jenny', but in real life she is Bettie Page.

And, did you know that she was photographed more than Marilyn Monroe? At the height of her career from modeling she disappeared from sight. "As Page's photos and films became popular, Senator Estes Kefauver led a Congressional inquiry into so-called smut, eventually forcing the number one distributor of Page's photos to close his business. Any films of Page having sex, however, are fakes. She never participated in any photo or film shoots involving explicit sexual activity. At the height of her fame, she suddenly left New York in 1957. After vanishing from public view, she worked as a teacher and secretary, did office work for Compton's Encyclopedia, and after "a religious conversion" worked as a Christian Missionary." (http://www.nndb.com/people/948/000022882/)

She wasn't found again until the early nineties and that was due in great part to the movie "The Rocketeer".

Over the years there remained a loyal following of fans and several publications dedicated to Bettie that kept her image alive for another generation. Many people credit Dave Stevens for the great resurgence of Bettie Page fans. When he created The Rocketeer in the early eighties he made Bettie (Betty) the heroine and captured her certain something better than any artist before or since. Many drawings and paintings by other artists do look very much like Bettie but when Dave Stevens draws her, it is Bettie. For more info read the December 1992 and December 1995 issues of Playboy. They have nice concise, interesting articles on Bettie, her career, Dave Stevens' influence, and how she was located.

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