Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A house with a different angle . . .

If you're driving north on I-5 don't be surprised by the 17-foot-tall pinup girl gracing the side of Chris Brugos's house.

SEATTLE - In a recently released movie she was "The Notorious Bettie Page." Now a Ravenna homeowner has made Page Seattle's most visible pinup girl.

Just east of Interstate 5, the side of Chris Brugos's house features a giant painting of the nearly nude Page. His pal John Green painted the 1950s girlie magazine icon on the side of Chris' house as a birthday gift.

"He thought it was a great place to put something so a lot of people could see it," say Brugos. "And he knows I like pinup girls."

Bettie Page posed for thousands of racy photos in the 1950s and early 1960s. Fans say her apple-pie wholesomeness shines through even her most salacious poses. In recent years, young collectors have become an eager new audience for Page memorabilia.

Brugos says Green projected Page's image onto the side of his house and used that image for a template. It took Green 24 hours over two weeks to complete the artwork.
The neighborhood's reaction has "all been favorable," Brugos says. "I live next to a Mormon church and people were worried about their response, because she is mostly naked. But so far, there has been no negative response at all." The 17-foot-tall pinup is easily visible from northbound I-5. Just look to your right as you approach the Northeast 65th Street exit.
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