Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Liv Tyler to play Bettie Page

WENN reports that Liv Tyler has signed up to play the bondage-loving 1950s icon Bettie Page, a part that requires us seeing Miss Tyler in various leather outfits. Tyler has apparently been keen on the role for almost four years now but has been waiting for the right script to come along. Producer/Director Mark Mori who owns the rights says "Liv Tyler is still attached and she's more enthusiastic than ever. When I first met her, Liv told me, 'I was born to play Betty Page'. Right now, we're trying to develop a script. We may have some sort of announcement to make about a script very soon". Page's official biographer is also in agreement - "The meaning and importance of Bettie's era doesn't have to be taught and spoon-fed to Liv Tyler - she knows it already". (original article found Here)

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