Friday, November 10, 2006

Bettie Page Blog Direction ... My Perspective

I have been thinking alot about this blog. The theme in my head has been "Walk a mile in my shoes." Afterall, no one ever truly knows what someone else is going through or what their life is like and we all should not be so quick to judge, question the news, tabloids or even the truth.

Thus, I wanted to lay out what my goal for this Blog is. It is geared towards the positive aspects of Bettie Page's "commercial" life. Her days of modeling and film prior to "leaving it all behind." I don't want to focus on any of the negatives or the full nudity. I was actually thinking about this over the past few days. In viewing so many Blogs, articles and web pages about the famous Ms. Page, everyone gets into the nitty gritty of everything about her. If you look around the 'net, you will easily find the nude photos, photos of her at age 80+, and alleged indications of martial strife, mental illness (schizophrenia), battery, mug shots and jail time. While freedom of the press is what the US is all about, I am wondering where the public should draw the line. Afterall, what the public is really interested in is the retro Betty of the 50's, yet there is a morbid interest in the afterwards, the downslides, etc. While that may be fine and good, for some; I think it may be more appropriate to recognize that Ms. Page has repeatedly stated that she doesn't want to be photographed in the present, and she wants people to remember her as she was. And, I have decided that I am going to try to respect her wishes, and I hope I can do it correctly. Ms. Page is a born again Christian who lives in seclusion and prefers to live her life this way. I don't want to in anyway invade her life in a disrespectful way. I am thinking that there comes a time where a person's life is theirs and it's none of my business what transpired after her career. It's Ms. Page's life not mine and I don't know what she is feeling inward. Sometimes you do want to put the past behind you and it is hard to do so if you have been in the public eye. I would like to instead focus on the positive, the joy and the beauty of Ms. Page during her photo/film career.

And, while I am ranting I want to take this opportunity to focus on Schizophrenia. As I stated above, in other web sites there has been mention that Ms. Page may have been afflicted with the disease. I have no idea if she had schizophrenia or not, but the insinuation has been "put out there." And since I personally know 2 people who have different variations of this disease, I would like to offer some information I came across to anyone who wants to know more. First, it's not what everyone thinks. There are many versions of Schizophrenia. Not everyone is homeless and not everyone hears voices. Some do. Some don't. And, the disease is better treated today than it was even 10 years ago. I know that when the people I know were diagnosed, my first thought was that it was akin to a "death" sentence. However, I am finding out that it's not. Both of these people are holding jobs and although they have to take medication, and both have different problems with the disease, it is not like what you see on T.V.

Again, I came across this fabulous website with the below information, and it helped me to understand a little better what it is and is not, so I offer it up to you. And, like my rant about my blog in the first paragraph, since I don't have the disease I am speaking from what I have read or seen, not from what I have lived, and I think therein is the difference. I hope this will
add a little insight as to what it can be like .... I don't know, I guess I just don't want people to take everything at face value or to judge. Here is the info:

The sights and sounds of schizophrenia

In one simulation, a schizophrenic has auditory and visual hallucinations while trying to refill a prescription, and sees the word "poison" on a bottle of pills. Photo: Stephen Streibig/Janssen Pharmaceutica

click for more View a multimedia slideshow of highlights of the pharmacy simulation

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Other Resources

National Schizophrenia Foundation

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