Monday, November 20, 2006

Bettie Page ... Jenny of the Rocketeer

In the early Eighties, Comic Book talent Dave Stevens based the love life of his hero Cliff Secord alias “The Rocketeer” on Bettie. A fanzine was started called The Betty Pages and recounted tales of the camera club days. When Bettie asked the fan club to stop — it did.

This question was inevitably answered with the publication of an official biography in 1996, Bettie Page: the Life of a Pin-up Legend. Her biography described a woman who dealt head-on with adversity, always looking forward, never looking back. It told how she had remarried her first husband briefly, in order to satisfy requirements so she could become a missionary; neither the remarriage nor her missionary work was a success. She married a third time in 1967 to one Harry Lear in Florida, divorcing him in 1972. At the time of the rebirth of her celebrity, Page was living penniless in California, unaware of her renewed celebrity. She hoped that with the efforts of her co-author and agent, James Swanson, she would be seeing some financial reward for this renewed attention.

Dark Horse Comics published a comic based on her fictional adventures in the 1990s after Jim Silke did a large format comic featuring her likeness.

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