Thursday, December 21, 2006

I want Bettie Page Bangs!!!!!

Bettie Page BangsAnyone into the retro, rockabilly or 40’s/50’s look either wants to look like Bettie Page or has a significant other who wishes their better half could look like Bettie Page … I’m no different, I want Bettie Page Bangs…. Here are 2 ways that I found to go about it:

For the Betty Paige, have someone else cut your hair. When your hair is wet, gather the bangs in a semi circle going from two inches above your hair line and extending down toward the top of your temples. Gather the rest of your hair back, and comb your bangs forward. Cut your hair over the line of your
eyebrows, curving the cut up to the center of the temples. Take a curling brush and blow dry hair so that it curls under in the front. Spray it medium-light
into position so it is smooth and shiny. Take a large crimper and crimp all hair down, spraying lightly as you crimp down. Take a curling iron and curl under the ends, spraying medium-light to hold them in place.

or you can try the 2nd way: You don’t need to do as much as you think. Getting them cut correctly is a start. Do that 1st. Use a straightener instead of a curling iron. Just turn your wrist on the end.

NOTE: Try this at your own risk….. I haven’t …. I said “I want Bettie Page Bangs,” but I am smart enough to know that I just don’t think I can pull it off…… only Bettie can : )

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