Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pickin' N' Grinnin' With Bettie Page

Guitar Player? You can't go wrong with this guitar! I was surfing the web and came across this! What a gorgeous instrument... (I have no affiliation with the company) I just think it is totally cool. So I'm putting it up on the blog.

This guitar is the first in a series of new guitars called Pamelina Originals.

This guitar is a Fender Stratocaster made specifically for Pamelina H. by Fender Musical. The guitar body, headstock and matching pick guard were custom painted red by Fender. The painting flows seamlessly onto the pick guard and pick-up covers. The artwork was done using Auto Air enamels and Liquitex acrylics.

This guitar was created to commemorate Fender's 60th Anniversary. It features Bettie Page against a 40's art deco background reflecting the era that Fender was born in. The fully assembled guitar was sold at auction, proceeds going to the Fender Museum and the Kids Rock Free program. The artwork was painted using Auto Air enamels and Liquitex acrylics.

If you're interested in purchasing this guitar, please call Pamelina's Studio at 818.951.9921.


Waylon said...

Have you seen the Bettie Page guitar from HALO GUITARS, PAMELINA H., & BETTIE PAGE. It is said to be the first OFFICIAL guitar designed with , and approved by Bettie Page.


Pamelina H. said...

Correction - the Bettie Page Stratocaster was designed with and approved by Bettie Page also. The Halo guitar is the first 'licensed' guitar officially created with Ms. Page.

Just want to make sure everyone knows the guitar I've created was with Bettie Page's involvement from the very start. From the concept design to the genuine autograph on the guitar body, Bettie's been a wonderful participant through it all.

Waylon said...

I stand corrected. I was under a different impression. I retract my statement.

It is the first OFFICIALLY Licensed Bettie Page Art Guitar that is designed with ,and approved by bettie page & CMG.