Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bettie Page Tattoo Art on the X-Files : )

The Russian tattooist in the show says a line I first read in an interview with famed tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy, “You get the tattoo you deserve.” Why does anyone choose the art they choose? It both speaks to them and says something about them. Ed feels he’s been burned by women in the past, and his tattoo cynically celebrates this fact. Sailors and soldiers have had women tattooed on their arms as symbolic of a girl who will never leave you, and Ed’s Betty falls into this same group. She’s with him do or die now.The tattoo is a pinup girl, a style that has solidly existed since the 1940s. Whereas the portrait isn’t exactly an image of Bettie Page, it is of style that pays homage to that image. The voice of the tattoo was done by actress Jodi Foster. Whether Ed has a psychotic condition as a result of ergot poisoning brought on by homemade tattoo ink or genuine mental illness is left somewhat open. He does choose a very permanent removal method when he decides the tattoo has to go however. (source)

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