Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rockabilly Pinup ... Popular Bettie Page

A popular rockabilly pinup was Bettie Page, seen as naughty and exotic. In 1955, she won the title of “Miss Pinup Girl of the World”. In January of that same year, she was the Playboy centerfold. Her 23-inch waist was a topic of jealousy for many women, who strived to equal the stats of the woman named “the girl with the perfect figure”. Rockabilly pinup favorites also included Jayne Mansfield. Born Vera Jayne Palmer, Mansfield was one of the biggest female movie stars of the time, with a career spanning a decade and a half, and obviously left stars in men’s eyes with her beauty. Rockabilly pinups were goddesses to men and idols to women. Men wanted them, and women wanted to be them. Much like poster children of the modern rock movements, they influenced hairstyles, clothing, and attitude through their confident and often provocative poses. The rockabilly pinup girl was playful, naughty, and full of rebellion that spread through the entire rockabilly movement. (source)

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