Friday, May 25, 2007

For the Love of Opera Gloves ... and Yes Bettie Page Wore Them ... ALOT : )

Opera gloves you question .... Yes, Bettie Page Wore them. If you want to see her wear them click on the Bettie Page Gallery.
"For more on opera gloves .. which is actually quite interesting visit For the Love of Opera Gloves Main Page. . Here, you will find many galleries of high-quality images, historical information and commentary, and links to vendors of opera gloves and other types of evening gloves.

The opera glove has been recognized for well over a century as one of the foremost symbols of feminine elegance and sensuality. The very sight of a kidskin, suede, satin or lame glove embracing the hand and arm of a woman sends a powerful conscious and subconscious signal that the wearer is a woman of style, elegance, passion, power and sexuality. Ever since over-the-elbow gloves were first widely worn by women during the Regency and Napoleonic era at the beginning of the 19th century, and especially since "The Divine Sarah", Sarah Bernhardt, introduced the mousquetaire to America in the 1870s, the opera glove, on the arms of beautiful women, has been reducing male viewers to puddles of mush.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Renee Zellweger poses as Bettie Page

Interesting... Renee Zellweger poses as Bettie Page (pics and source found here)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

You can get your "Bettie on" : )

It's hard to "Bettie" merchandise with new pictures... so I was pleasantly surprised to come across a company that sells "Bettie" T-shirts, lanyards,keychains... basically the works.. AND, they still have the Nurse Bettie, Devil Bettie items as well. Worth checking out if you want to get your Bettie on : ) Bettie Page Buttons, T-shirts & More

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tennesse Women with a Checkered Past ... Bettie Page is included : )

Bettie Page (1923-)

In 1955, Bettie Page was named “Miss Pinup Girl of the World.” She was also the Playboy centerfold for January of that same year. She was 32 years old.

Her modeling career began in 1950 when she had a chance encounter with Jerry Tibbs on the beach at Coney Island. Tibbs was responsible for putting together Bettie’s first pinup portfolio.

Over the next several years, Page was introduced to several photographers and had her pictures published in several “gentlemen’s magazines.”

Page’s popularity is attributed to being able to portray both innocence and wickedness and to do so quite comfortably. Though she posed several times in the nude, her most provocative photos are those in which she is partially clothed.

In 1958, Bettie Page retired from the pinup life. In an era where most models of her sort had a career measured in months, hers lasted eight years.

Bettie Page photo courtesy of the Tennesseean. (Source)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bernie Dexter ... Fashion Icon

Bernie Dexter... one of the most popular models for pinup clothing... I thought it might be nice to post her info online for those who don't know who she is (although that would be hard to believe : ) ) If you notice, she is modeling most of the items from our Get Go Retro Site. From her site:

Hi, my name is Bernie Dexter. I am a rockabilly girl who lives the rockabilly lifestyle. I have been modeling for about four years now & enjoying it very much! I draw my inspiration from the music I listen to & culture I surround myself in. One of my favorite performers from the 1950's is Johnny Burnette. I also draw inspiration from vintage girlie magazines & Exotique books that I have collected over the years. John Willie is my favorite exotique artist. I have also always been fascinated with starlets of the silver screen 50s burlesque! When I was a child, I used to tell my mom I wanted to be a movie star! Not the kind from today, but the kind from the glamorous 1940's or 1950's! My mother was a burlesque dancer, so I guess you can say it runs through my veins! I do not do live burlesque, but do love to make home movie dance clips & still photos. As a child, I would stand at my mothers side & watch her apply her make up. I was amazed by the transformation. She even used false eyelashes! I think that is where I learned most of my own make up techniques. However, I am a licensed cosmetologist & worked for M.A.C. Cosmetics in the mid 1990's. M.A.C. is where I learned to be free & creative. Quite often people think I resemble a certain pin up queen Miss B. It is not my intention to emulate her & personally, I NEVER really thought so. She is amazing & one of a kind. I am also one of a kind;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bettie Page is a Christian Article ...

This is a very interesting piece I found today .... I am posting verbatim:

Bettie Page is a Christian, but you won't find any web pages other than mine that promote her as such. And that's an indictment against Christianity. Miss Page left her career as a pinup and artist's model, indeed she was one of the most photographed women in the world, to become a Christian missionary. In the unforgiving community of evangelical Christianity, where a previous divorce severly limited her options, Miss Page hid the truth about her modeling career and the truth about her childhood and youth. Miss Page had been sexually molested by her father, sexually assaulted by her mother, and sexually brutalized by a group of men that had kidnapped the young model in New York. (Read more)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Burlescapades! Bettie Page Influence Again : ) Lily White

Bubbly striptease? It must be Lily White

MAKE of this what you will. A beautiful redhead appears on stage, perched on a giant silver ice bucket containing a six-foot bottle of Champagne, with balloon bubbles cascading down the side and over her golden Swarovski crystal- embellished body. She toasts the audience, then coquettishly performs a classic balloon-popping striptease in a cloud of golden glitter.

If such a scene was set before you, you’d probably assume you were in Pigalle, the old red-light district of Paris. Or perhaps in one of the many murky clubs on Berlin’s seedy cabaret scene. Neither is true. It’s all happening tonight at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh’s plush George Street.

The venue, of course, is better known for hosting ceilidhs, private functions, wedding parties and Fringe shows. But tonight there will be feather fans and silk stockings, high comedy and slapstick humour, tassel twirling and balloon popping, daring acrobatics and double entendres, as Miss Lily White and London’s famous Whoopee Club present Burlescapades!

“It’s a night when people of all ages and persuasions will be able to dress up, be themselves, and really let go,” smiles White, the UK’s Queen of Burlesque, who will headline the event with the kind of stunning, show-stopping extravaganza that has become her stock in trade.

Born in Australia and brought up in New York , White became obsessed with the glitz, glamour and romance of bygone eras – Paris in the 20s, Berlin in the 30s, Hollywood in the 40s. Her unusual upbringing in one of the most exciting cities in the world found her surrounded by artists, musicians, performers, drag queens, intellectuals, dreamers and divas.

“There was never a dull moment,” she recalls. “My parents were always getting evicted for not paying the rent and we even lived briefly in a theatre costume storeroom, where I spent many happy hours trying on wonderful outfits and taking bows to imaginary rapturous applause.”
After moving to London to study dance and drama in the late 1990s, White took a few trips back to the Big Apple, where she became aware of Lily St Cyr and Bettie Page, a famous stripper and a much-loved pin-up and bondage model.

If she couldn’t go back in time, the next best thing would be to recreate the style, elegance and humour of those past times in her own burlesque performances. “When I came back to London from New York I started to watch St Cyr and Page repeatedly, and learned all their moves and mannerisms,” she recalls.“Then I started to go into cabaret clubs around London to ask if I could do burlesque dancing. I told them that I wanted to put on some gold underwear and then take it off.”

As the burlesque cabaret boom grew, so did White’s reputation as its star attraction. According to the entertainer, who has just been nominated for Best Female Performer 2007 in the Ministry of Burlesque Awards, the reason for this renewed interest is that people got bored going to clubs and dive-bars. “People wanted to start dressing up again,” she says. “They were sick and tired of going to the same old clubs, playing the same-old music, which they couldn’t even hear themselves speak over.

“When I first started out there were only about two others doing this kind of cabaret in London, and there weren’t any regular clubs to see it in. Later, the Whoopee Club appeared to create that environment.”

White feels that Edinburgh, too, has embraced burlesque cabaret full on over the past few year, “but like London before the Whoopee Club appeared, lacks a proper environment”. Until now that is. “People have being saying for a while that Edinburgh needs a really good club that caters for those who enjoy this sort of entertainment, and Burlescapades! is what the city has been waiting for.

“To those who come along it will be a magical experience,” she promises, “they will feel as if they’ve been transported back in time.”

Burlescapades!, Assembly Rooms, George Street, tonight, 9pm-1pm, £25, 0131 220 3234

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bettie Page Site

Looking for a great Bettie Page site? Found a nice one with Lots of Links, Fun Stuff, graphics, and artist work on it. Called "I Love Bettie Page".... Check it out ... it's worth it!