Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bernie Dexter ... Fashion Icon

Bernie Dexter... one of the most popular models for pinup clothing... I thought it might be nice to post her info online for those who don't know who she is (although that would be hard to believe : ) ) If you notice, she is modeling most of the items from our Get Go Retro Site. From her site:

Hi, my name is Bernie Dexter. I am a rockabilly girl who lives the rockabilly lifestyle. I have been modeling for about four years now & enjoying it very much! I draw my inspiration from the music I listen to & culture I surround myself in. One of my favorite performers from the 1950's is Johnny Burnette. I also draw inspiration from vintage girlie magazines & Exotique books that I have collected over the years. John Willie is my favorite exotique artist. I have also always been fascinated with starlets of the silver screen 50s burlesque! When I was a child, I used to tell my mom I wanted to be a movie star! Not the kind from today, but the kind from the glamorous 1940's or 1950's! My mother was a burlesque dancer, so I guess you can say it runs through my veins! I do not do live burlesque, but do love to make home movie dance clips & still photos. As a child, I would stand at my mothers side & watch her apply her make up. I was amazed by the transformation. She even used false eyelashes! I think that is where I learned most of my own make up techniques. However, I am a licensed cosmetologist & worked for M.A.C. Cosmetics in the mid 1990's. M.A.C. is where I learned to be free & creative. Quite often people think I resemble a certain pin up queen Miss B. It is not my intention to emulate her & personally, I NEVER really thought so. She is amazing & one of a kind. I am also one of a kind;)

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