Friday, May 25, 2007

For the Love of Opera Gloves ... and Yes Bettie Page Wore Them ... ALOT : )

Opera gloves you question .... Yes, Bettie Page Wore them. If you want to see her wear them click on the Bettie Page Gallery.
"For more on opera gloves .. which is actually quite interesting visit For the Love of Opera Gloves Main Page. . Here, you will find many galleries of high-quality images, historical information and commentary, and links to vendors of opera gloves and other types of evening gloves.

The opera glove has been recognized for well over a century as one of the foremost symbols of feminine elegance and sensuality. The very sight of a kidskin, suede, satin or lame glove embracing the hand and arm of a woman sends a powerful conscious and subconscious signal that the wearer is a woman of style, elegance, passion, power and sexuality. Ever since over-the-elbow gloves were first widely worn by women during the Regency and Napoleonic era at the beginning of the 19th century, and especially since "The Divine Sarah", Sarah Bernhardt, introduced the mousquetaire to America in the 1870s, the opera glove, on the arms of beautiful women, has been reducing male viewers to puddles of mush.

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