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Bettie Page Video ... What a great smile!

What a great smile!

Bettie ... early education

Bettie Page's early years included attending Hume-Fog High School, where she made straight A's, participated in the debate club and school plays. Bettie also worked on the school newspaper and yearbook. When she graduated in 1940, is said that she was "crushed" to have barely missed being named valedictorian by .25%, which ultimately cost her the opportunity of a 4 year scholarship at Vanderbilt University. Bettie enrolled in the Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville on a "Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship." She graduated with a B.A. degree in 1944.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Bettie Page Art Doll by Kim Jelley ... Gorgeous

JUST GORGEOUS!!!!!! I came across Mr. Jelley's site and his work is absolutely amazing. Well worth taking a break to look at his work / art.

Art Dolls by Kim's Kreations Kim Jelley

Queen of Pin Up is a one of a kind portrait doll of Ms. Bettie Page. Entirely hand sculpted by artist Kim Jelley.

Va Va Vooom! One of the most recognized Pin Up girls from the 1950's, this raven haired beauty is absolutely the queen of them all! Full of movement and expression, Kim Jelley has truly captured Bettie's vivacious spirit and sensuous beauty with this captivating one of a kind portrait doll.

Queen of Pin Up — Ms. Bettie Page
A one-of-a-kind portrait doll
Copyright ©2004 Kim Jelley

9" high x 7" wide Puppen Fimo® and Premo® on steel armature Not for sale

Queen of Pin Up has been meticulously hand sculpted onto a custom made steel armature. Featuring hand painted blue eyes, luscious red lips and hand styled black wavy mohair, down to every last detail, including Bettie's signature bangs. Her removable 2 piece leopard bikini was hand made and painted.

Ms. Bettie Page is still alive and well at age 81. Kim was recently able to send Bettie some photos of her portrait doll. Bettie received them and stated that they were "delightful"!

Queen of Pin Up has also been featured, along with Kim's other creations, in a new book recently published in 2004, entitled Contemporary American Doll Artists and Their Dolls by Kathryn Witt.