Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Halo Custom Guitars ...Guitar Makers Focus On Dark Sub-Genres

A guitar with Bettie Page painted on the body is held by owner Waylon Ford at Halo Custom Guitars, Inc. in Cupertino, Calif.. (JEFF CHIU / AP / June 19, 2007) (source)

Beautiful, isn't it.

"Regular heavy metal music can cover the usual topics of scorn and despair, while the death metal sub-genre leans heavily on growled vocals and themes such as Satanism and dark mythology.Both are an important niche for electric guitar manufacturers like 5-year-old Halo. It sold 200 guitars its first year in business and now sells 200 to 300 a month in direct sales and another 200 per month to dealers, said co-founder Waylon Ford."Ever since we started making more outrageous designs, we started selling more guitars," he said. "We really owe a lot to the metal genre." Read the whole story here)

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W4D said...

This guitar is truly unique, as it is the first guitar made and designed with BETTIE PAGE / CMG WorldWide.

We respect everything she has done in her life.