Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bernie Dexter "Better than Cheesecake"

There's a great article at Papier Doll Magazine on the beautiful Bernie Dexter who has many of Bettie Page's features. Below is a portion of the article... you should read the whole article. It's a nice bio.

“It’s so funny, I’m actually quite shy and get nervous before going out!” responds the 5′2″ stranger. This wasn’t a scene from one of the many short films starring Bettie Page, a legendary 1950s model with similar physical features. The seductress is 29-year-old Bernie Dexter, contemporary pinup pioneer. Originated in the 19th century, pinups were first exhibited by French artist Jules Cheret illustrating posters of women with low-cut bodices. In 1942, lonely American soldiers fighting World War II “pinned up” photographs of shapely starlets, such as Betty Grable. By the 1970s, pinups were replaced with raunchier, pornographic shoots. Today, Bernie not only teases viewers into purchasing the fashion threads of yesteryears, but has made a male-dominated pastime accessible to everyone. Read more here.

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